Oo la la..

We went to Paris! It was an extremely short (day) trip. We realized we could either spend the whole day exploring one or two attractions, or  we could spend the day seeing a bunch of places quickly without going inside. We chose the latter. It was John’s first time to Paris, and my first time […]


Cochem Castle

Earlier, in March, John and I went to Cochem Castle. It is only about an hour from us, so definitely an easy day trip.  We arrived just in time to take a tour. The tour was given in German, but we had a handout that covered the main information in English and the guide would […]

Better late than never..

A few weeks ago, John and I took a trip down to Southern Germany and briefly into Austria. We had a blast.  Our trip started with a 5ish hour drive. The weather was absolutely beautiful, so we were able to see some pretty great sights along the way. Our first stop was Neuschwanstein castle. This is […]

Bruges, Belgium

We went to Bruges for a beer festival! It was so much fun. The city was absolutely beautiful.  We already decided we need another trip to explore more. There are multiple art museums that we need to visit. There was a Picasso exhibit at one, and a Dali exhibit at another. Also, there is a […]


We went to Amsterdam! Our plans had to be changed slightly so we did not get to see everything we wanted to, but we will go back soon. We were going to spend two full days and one night in Amsterdam. We had to delay our departure so we did not get to town until […]


Testing, testing… Is this thing on? I know it has been a while since I last posted anything. That is because I didn’t have much to share. Well, that is not entirely true because plenty has happened in the last 5 months, but it was not the fun filled travel talk I promised you with […]

Köln  (Cologne)

I went to Köln with a couple the other day. John wasn’t able to come with us because of work, but I went anyway to explore. Our friends were celebrating their 1 year anniversary and wanted to do something memorable, so I joined to be their DD and photographer. The Cathedral (Dom) is amazing. It […]


We went to go see a castle! Burg Eltz is about an hour away and it was great! We passed Burg Pyrmont on the way, not knowing it was there. We will need to go back and check it out one of these days.  From the parking lot it was about a 15 minute walk […]

Train to Trier

This is a few days late, but on Thursday we took the train down to Trier! It was wonderful to be able to learn how to use the train system. Once on the train, all I could think about was playing cards on a train in Ireland with Kellsey when we were kids! It took […]

German day 

Today I went to a German language class and a German cooking class hosted on base. They offer both twice a month for newcomers. I am probably going to try to go to the cooking class as often as possible because they make different recipes each time. Today’s recipe was Gulasch and mashed potatoes! I […]